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Ableton 9 Tutorial: Sidechain – How to make Kick and Bass sound like a Pro

In this new tutorial dedicated to the electronic music we will see how the sidechain compression works and how to use it to improve the quality of your track. This tutorial can be useful for any kind of electronic pumping style of music, like techno, techouse, house, progressive, trance, dubstep and so on.

What is the sidechain

The sidechain is applied when a sound modificate another sound. The sidechain compression is usually about ducking. It’s sound became popular with the french producer.

You can notice that the sidechain is applied when you hear the level of a bass or a synthesizer decreasing when the kick is played.
A famous example is the track Technologic from Daft Punk

Another good example is the track Chain Saw from Gee Van D

Sidechain compression for dummies:

For the purpose of the tutorial, we are going to see the most simple example of sidechain: Kick and Bass.

Let’s assume that we have 2 channels: the kick and the bass. We want to use the sidechain in order to decrease the volume of the bass when the click is played. In this way we can keep the total output volume higher and have a higher RMS level without clipping when the kick is added to the bass.

To do so, in the bass channel you need to insert a compressor. To enable the sidechain compression, click on the arrow in the top left corner, then select the kick as input source.

At this point, you can set the parameters of ratio, attack and release. Also the threshold is important: this allows you to control the amout of input that you’ll be using as sidechain parameter.

Here it is an example of how to set a basic sidechain compression in Ableton Live 9 using the native compressor:


ableton sidechain compression

This image is about a classic setting of sidechain compressor


Here it is a nice tutorial from Dubspot about how to use sidechain compression with Ableton:

Hope you enjoy this post! Please share or reply if you have something to say, questions or suggestions, please reply the post 😉


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Pic of the day #4

In the dark days, when everything seems be wrong… turn on the music and DANCE!

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Pic of the day #3

The music follow us every day, since we wake up till we go to sleep. The music gives us energy, emotions, follows us in every moment of our life… and it’s unthinkable to stay a day without.

…And you, are you able to imagine a day without?

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Pic of the day #2

This one is from Friedrich Nietzsche: without music life would be a mistake. So true!

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Featured Model: Ciara Ranee

Probably this model, named Ciara Ranee from Los Angeles, didn’t notice that we created this post about her, but we just fond a post on thumblr speaking about the relevance of dancers in the rave and club parties.

As clubbers, we recognize that the animation is something foundamental. Unfortunately, many times we find too old dancers, not as pretty as the girls dancing in the dancefloor, and most of times they are not even so good dancers.

It depends on the clubs and on the art directors, anyway this dancer was so impressing that we decided to write a post about her… maybe this will bring her a gig 😉

If somebody is intrested in bringing some spice to the party, this is her Facebook page:
Ciara Ranee Facebook

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Ableton 9 Awesome Tutorial: The Last Drum Rack You’ll Ever Have To Make!

We just found a fresh video tutorial from Dubspot, and is really amazing: is a tutorial about drum racks.

If you are a dj producer and you use Ableton, this is for sure the first issue that you have while making a new track: the drum kit. Usually as everybody does you may be putting a new drum rack in the midi line, and dragging inside a sample, but every time that you do a new track, you will always have the same problem.

The problem: build every time a drum rack that you cannot reuse

The solution.

In this video tutorial there is a brilliant idea: use a sampler inside of a drum rack, and use the automation to automatically switch behind hundreds of samples.

The trick is pretty simple, and can save you tons of hours. We liked it a lot and that’s why we are reposting this here on

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