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  • The podcast must be uploaded in your server or in every cloud service like dropbox.
  • It must be an mp3 normal quality (at least 128k).
  • Submissions without tracklist will be ignored. For every track we need at least artist name and track name.
  • You also agree, submitting this post, that we will create your personal artist page with the public Beatport image and biography.

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I accept that my podcast will be uploaded with my artistic name and my links on Youtube, Beatport mixes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and posted on the major social network, inside of the DecidePromotion channel. I also accept that I can receive few informative emails from to alert me about music stuff. I understand that this is a FREE SERVICE without any warranty. I accept the attribution of the submitted podcast to my name and I accept to be advertised on this website to get the maximum visibility.

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